The competition for selecting the participants in WCIF’s Initiative Building the Next Generation Civic Leaders starts today.

The competition is open to representatives of civic organizations aged up to  35 and with 1 to 3 years of experience with civic organization.

The initiative will support the development of 60 young civic organizations’ leaders in Bulgaria over the next six years. Participants in the project will get access to training and ongoing support from mentors who are renown leaders of national non-governmental organizations, journalists, marketing and PR specialists, fundraisers and lawyers.

To participate in the competition you should send all required application documents to the following e-mail address: by the end of March 2019. You can find detailed instructions how to apply here.

The trainees will be selected by WCIF staff on the basis of: compliance with formal criteria for participation, evaluation of the motivation of the applicants to develop their careers in the NGO sector and preferences on the basis of -  proficiecy in English language, experience in project management, work for an NGO from a disadvantaged geographical region/or an NGO established by representatives of vulnerable groups.

Candidates will be informed of the results of their application by 31st of March 2019.


The initiative is a response to the ever-growing challenges to the representatives of civil society organizations. If you have not yet decided whether to get involved, check out our three reasons here.

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