In mid-February the call for applications for the WCIF Initiative „Building the Next Generation Civic Leaders “will be open.

The initiative comes as a response to the increasing challenges facing the representatives of civic organizations and will provide support for the development of 60 young NGO leaders over the next 6 years.

We are giving you three solid reasons why you should join the Initiative.

  1. You are going to learn everything of importance for the successful management of a civil society organization /CSO/.

The training modules included in the Initiative combine all aspects of managing a CSO. Starting with global issues and identification of adequate local solutions; mission-driven fundraising and financial sustainability planning; partnerships and strategic communication for conflicts resolution; impact assessment and scaling up the desired impact. The training is interactive and includes examples from real life situations. You will get all knowledge and skills needed to run successfully a civic organization and will have plenty of time to prepare for each consecutive module. See more of the trainings offered in Training modules.

  1. You will apply what you have learned in practice with the support of the best

Мanaging an organisation is not something you can learn from a textbook, so in each of the modules you will work on a practical assignment. Not only will you have the opportunity to apply the lessons learned in practice, but would also receive support from a mentor. The mentors we have selected come from established national organizations (NGOs), journalists, specialists in marketing and public communications, fundraisers and lawyers.

  1. You will join a community 

Within the framework of the Initiative you will meet people like you that want to develop their personal capacities and the capacities of their organizations. In this way you will not only establish new contacts and partnerships, but will be part of a motivating environment where everyone is ready to help.


The call will be announced in a few days. We’ll be expecting you!

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