The final training session of the second edition of the Initiative project took place on Wednesday, January 10, 2022. Monica Pisankeva, Program Director at the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation, presented the topic "Using a Human Rights-Based Approach."

The meeting focused on what it means to apply a human rights-based approach in the work of NGOs and what principles must be followed when using this approach. Monica shared that using a human rights-based approach means working on problems and challenges while respecting, protecting, and fulfilling human rights. This means that people should be at the center of attention, and their rights must be protected and respected in all aspects of their lives.

During the meeting, the youth shared examples of applying the human rights-based approach in their organization and discussed which cases and how a high standard of human rights protection should be applied.

After the training sessions, the mentoring program of the project will start, in which participants will work with established experts from the civil sector.

The Initiative (Initiative for Building a Future Generation of Civic Leaders) is a project of the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation, funded by the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA FM) 2014-2021, provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. The project aims to support the development of a new generation of civic leaders in Bulgaria with knowledge and skills to work effectively in an environment of shrinking civil society space and limited resources.