Silsila Mahbub is a native of Afghanistan, but has lived in Bulgaria for 8 years. At the age of 20 she left her hometown. She graduated in engineering and worked as a presenter in electronic media. In Bulgaria she also studied economics at the New Bulgarian University. Silsila participates in the Refugee Advisory Council - a new organization to help migrants in our country. She is also part of the second edition of the Initiative for Building a Future Generation of Civic Leaders. The woman talks about her life in Bulgaria in an interview with BNR Horizon.

Afghanistan remains in my heart forever, I grew up there. I hope to have a day to return to my homeland and live the way we are used to. I dream of my country to go back to its previous past. Then, when there was no hijab and inequality between men and women, as now imposed by the Taliban.

And Bulgaria is my second home. I feel good here." - she told BNR.

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