Value, inspiration, meaning and new opportunities, this is only some of the feedback we got from the participants in the first training which took part in the period 12 – 14 July in Sofia and was performed in interactive format. 

The main focus of the training was the Design Thinking workshop, conducted by Monika Kovachka-Dimitrova, corporate social responsibility coordinator at SAP in Sofia, member of the leaders’ team of the company and Design Thinking coach. The participants worked in groups where each group was tasked with looking for an innovative solution to a complex problem. In the development of the assignments, the groups were assisted by volunteers. Special thanks to Alexander Dzhoganov, Vladimir Shejtanov, Dobromir Ivanov, Nadezhda Dermendjieva, Natalia Delcheva, Radossveta Stamenkova and Solomon Bali, who shared their position with the participants on the problems posed and helped them in the validation of the proposed solutions. Thanks to the Design Thinking Workshop, participants mastered practical skills to solve complex problems. 

From the very first day the training set the beginning of a tradition of meeting with leaders of civic organizations who inspired the participants through personal stories and examples.   

Participants in the training gained additional knowledge and skills during the other two training panels – leadership and organizational development. The informal meetings and breaks added value to the already laid foundations for establishing a community of motivated young leaders for the civil sector. 

The training helped participants to analyze the current situation – on the one hand for themselves as leaders, and on the other – the situation in which the organization they represent is located. Together with this, the meeting encouraged all those present to set goals – personal and organizational as well.  

In the next two years, the initiative will support participants in achieving the objectives they set for themselves and their organizations through four training modules. Apart from a theoretical part, the modules include practical work and assistance from a personal mentor. 

The Initiative for building the future generation of young civil society leaders is implemented by „Workshop for Civic Initiatives“ Foundation (WCIF) and is aimed at facilitating the development of the next generation of civic leaders in Bulgaria, who have the knowledge and skills to work effectively in an environment of shrinking civil society and limited resources