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Smolyan has a boy who beautifies and inspires it - with a constant smile, incredible desire, enthusiasm and drive.   Valentin Kehayov is now 30 years old, family-oriented, has two wonderful children. He just got his second one a week ago and is incredibly happy. But he himself was born to bring happiness to others. He does it by intuition, from the heart. In every way he strives to bring joy to the community he lives in as well. He graduated in tourism from Varna University of Economics a few years ago. He returned to his hometown of Smolyan, but saw an environment he didn't like. And he decided to leave his mark on it. That's why we decided to tell you about it in our column "Good to share".

Valentin Kehayov always strives to change the environment in which he lives.  

By nature active, hardworking, proactive, tireless. Always trying to change the environment in which he lives, to set a good example to others. He reasoned that he had a choice - either Smolyan should change him or he should change Smolyan. He decided to do the latter. The other alternative was not for him. From there he created an informal youth group. It then grew as the Young Researchers for Youth Development (YRYD) movement, which started working on the Erasmus+ programme. This gives young people opportunities to travel extensively abroad and exchange experiences. Travelling all over Europe, he sees things and he says to himself, "This can happen in Smolyan. What's the problem?" And he starts. He brings dozens of young people after him. Since the beginning of this month, for example, they have started to improve the only underpass in the regional town, which is located next to the intersection with traffic lights in the Raikovo district. The residents of the neighbourhood and the students of the art and mathematics high school will use it and pass through it.
Cleaning the underpass takes days of hard work, but it's already paying off. The facility has languished in obscurity for years, however. It has almost become an urban toilet - dirty, dark, repulsive. People bypass it and cross the intersection at risk to themselves. The young researchers decided to change that. They all got together and started cleaning - for days, with detergents, with spatulas, shovels, hoses, rags, drills, brooms. They washed it, cleaned the cobwebs and all kinds of dirt in the underpass and the facilities adjacent to it.

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